DigiSports is a mix of online sports (like PC gaming and playing sports) and digital video recording of sports. We don’t mind too much which it is, but we just love sports!

with all the technology today any joker with a camera can make a nice little video. However, DigiSports cares more about the quality of extremeness in the sports than the quality of the video. But there are those that have the right equipment and the right skills to pull of pure awesomeness! This is what we are looking for.

Then when we are not outside enjoying extreme sports we love to play video games! We also look to find the best extreme video games that wet our appetite for the next extreme adventure outdoors. Or there are those months where we are stuck in a cast with broken bones from our last somewhat failed extreme adventure.

In any case, we love extreme sports in the real world or the simulated world. So here’s a taste of maximum extreme! If you don’t watch this video at least once a month, you are probably not going to enjoy our blog — so move along now…